Single Component Dispenser

Comes complete as shown, with reservoir, wheeled cart, output hose, integrated hose hanger for easy storage, and gun. Just add your material, and you are ready for production!

Various Options:

Give us a call and tell us about your project, we will help you get the best equipment with the right options.

Electronic Shot Size Control

Electronic Shot-size controller

For measuring exact shot size.

Vacuum Degassing

Vacuum Degassing reservoir

For removing dissolved gas from materials where bubble-free dispensing is critical

Desiccant Tubes

dessicant tube

For moisture-sensitive materials.

Material agitators

Material Agitator

For preventing settling of filled materials.

Single-Component Hand Guns

single-component dispensing gun

For controlled dispense of your material.

Nitrogen Blanket System

Nitrogen Blanket

For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.