Electronic Shot-size Controller

- No more overfilling/under-filling parts
- Memory for up to 100 different shot sizes for immediate recall
- Auto Repeat Mode for fast part dispensing, hold down the trigger and dispense across all parts
- Auto solvent purge tank control
- Auto Purge Alarm means no more hard mixers; a built-in timer alerts you when material approaches cure time
- The sequential version of the shot-size controller allows for 100 programs, with each program containing up to 32 steps

Precise Encoder-Based Electronic Shot-Size Control. Perfect for when the part configuration requires automatic control of the fill level. Adjustable from tiny <.5cc shots to very large shots in 1/10cc increments. Includes a purge-timer, purge-alarm, and 100 program shot-size memory. Multiple shot size sequence, keyboard lock, and custom programming are available upon request.