In-reservoir Heater

- 300W 110V or 220V
- Aluminum Construction
- Heats the material directly at the point of intake
- Lower energy usage and faster warmup
- Available with a fixed set-point, digital adjustable control, or PID control
- Can be used with Michael Engineering agitators

This heater is designed to fit inside 2.5 gallon, 8 gallon, or 13 gallon reservoirs to keep your material at the proper temperature. It is available with either a fixed set-point (92°F, 105°F, 115°F, 125°F, 142°F, 160°F, 172°F, 185°F) or a digital controller with a range between 0 and 200°F. Both units have thermal fuse protection. Customization is available for this heater. Please call for more information.