- The right machine for paste materials
- Handles very difficult, moisture sensitive, or abrasive materials
- Reduces material handling, no messy transfer of materials
- Pumps directly from 5 gallon shipping container
- Compatible with, epoxies, silicones, methacrylates, urethanes, and acrylics
- Very flexible, easy slide ratio adjustment. Ratios from 20:100 to 1:1
- Dispenses a wide range of viscosities, from thick liquids to paste
- Eliminates weighing/mixing errors

The VR-5 pumps directly out of 5 gallon, open head shipping containers. Dual cylinder rams ensure positive material feed. A hand gun with snuff back ensures accurate, clean adhesive placement. Simple, durable piston pumps ensure long life and easy maintenance. The VR-5 has a robust twin lip ram plate for an effective leak-resistant seal.

The VR5 can be fitted with additional components, including:

- Snuff Back Gun, Stops the flow of material instantly allowing the operator to quickly and cleanly move to the next part.
- Manifold can be rigid mounted or installed on custom length hoses.
- Electronic Shot Size control, Encoder based shot size control with memory locations, Auto Repeat and Purge Timer functions.
- Low material level shut down.
- Safety Cage
- Methacrylate-safe Stainless Steel Wetted Parts.

Product Options

For measuring exact shot size.
For controlled dispense of your mixed product.
For putting material into static mixers.
For heating materials to improve flow rate and material reactivity
For mixing two-part materials.