- Dispenses single component materials up to 50,000cps
- Sturdy cart makes the Gluey highly portable
- Chemical resistant components allow the Gluey to pump even the most difficult materials
- Self draining reservoir
- Simple design means this machine is easy to use and requires little maintenance
- Dispenses up to 2 gallons per minute
- Durable, proven, double-acting, constant-flow pump means this machine will stand up to very demanding jobs

Comes complete as shown, with reservoir, wheeled cart, output hose, integrated hose hanger for easy storage, and gun. Just add your material, and you are ready for production!

Product Options

For measuring exact shot size.
Removes dissolved gas and entrapped air from materials for bubble-free parts.
For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.
For moisture-sensitive materials.
For controlled dispense of your material.