MX 50 Series Manifolds

(Commonly used on Super E)

MX 50 Normal Ratio MX 50 Standard MX 50 Center Stream MX 50 Wide-Ratio Center-Stream

MX 50 Normal-Ratio MX50-12x12-A

MX 50 Standard MX50-25x25-A

MX 50 Center-Stream MX50-GN50x25

MX 50 High-Ratio Center-Stream MX50-20x12x20-A

See Compatible Mixers

MX 50 Mini Series Manifolds

(often used on Sticky Stuff, Goo Grinder and Pumpkin Models)

MiniStandard Mini 90deg Mini Sticky Mini Pumpkin

Mini Standard MX50-M25x25

Mini 90° MX50-M19x19x90

Mini Sticky Stuff MX50-M20x12x20x90S

Mini Pumpkin MX50-M20x12x20x90P

See Compatible Mixers

160 Series Manifolds

(Commonly used on Pro Meter, FR6, Compact Perfect Flow, and Max Flow)

160 Standard 160 Center Stream 160 High Flow 160 High Ratio

160 Standard MX50-160SFMAN

160 Center-Stream MX50-160CSMAN

160 High-Flow MX50-160HFMAN

160 High-Ratio MX50-160HRMAN

See Compatible Mixers

162 Series Manifolds

(Used on Ram Flow and Max Flow systems or whenever a 162A format mixer is required.)

162 High 162 Center 162 Wide

162 High-Flow Standard MX50-162HF

162 Center-Stream MX50-162CS

162 Wide-Ratio MX50-162HR

See Compatible Mixers
Mini 162 Series Manifolds
162high mini162center mini162wide

Mini 162 High-Flow Standard MX50-162-.75x.25

Mini 162 Center-Stream MX50-162ACS

Mini 162 Wide-Ratio MX50-162AHF

See Compatible Mixers

Snuff-Back Manifolds

(Used in combination with 450 snuff back gun)

snuffStandard snuffStandardGrease SnuffHigh SnuffHighWide SnuffWide SnuffCenter SnuffMFHX

Snuff-Back Standard GN2-400M160A

Snuff-Back Standard W/ Grease Port GN2-400M160AGP

Snuff-Back High-Flow GN2-400M160G

Snuff-Back Wide-Ratio High-Flow GN2-400M160J

Snuff-Back Wide-Ratio GN2-400M160D Snuff-Back Center-Stream GN2-400M160Z Snuff-Back High-Ratio for MFHX mixers GN2-4000MFX
See Compatible Mixers

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