Sticky Stuff Dispenser Model A Pump

Sticky Stuff Dispenser: Model A

Ideal for individual craftsmen and professionals alike, the Sticky Stuff Dispenser is a practical engineering tool specially designed to eliminate the sticky, messy, costly hand proportioning of 2-part resins.  A highly dependable, top-quality system, the Sticky Stuff Dispenser assures accurate measurement of resin and hardener with a minimum of supervision. Durable and long lasting because it is made with polished steel pistons, an aluminum body, hardened, ground and polished bearings, a stable laminated base and a carrying handle for your convenience. 

  • The Model A pump is adjustable for mix ratio.  Made in one of three ratio ranges (7:100 to 29:100, 17:100 to 65:100, or 35:100 to 150:100) it comes preset to your specified ratio and is fully adjustable within its range.
  • This pump can dispense viscosities up to 7,000 cps. Higher viscosities, up to 14,000 cps, can be dispensed using an optional heater.
  • It meters up to 1 quart of unmixed two part resin per minute.
  • Output per stroke; 10cc at 1:1, 15cc at 4:1, and 18cc at 2:1.
  • Come standard with a 1 gallon resin reservoir.

Preset at the factory, adjustable in the field, it’s ratios are accurate.  You save material because you pump just what you need-from a drop to a cup.  You save money because you are not throwing away unused mixed material.  You save energy and time by getting to your project sooner instead of pouring, measuring, mixing, then having to clean the container, counter, your clothes and hands every time you need some mixed material.

Product Options

For mixing two-part materials.
For putting material into static mixers.
Desiccant tube and solvent cup
For heating materials to improve flow rate and material reactivity
For warming frames and reservoirs.

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