Super E for Epoxies, Silicones, and Adhesives.

- Output adjustable from a 2 cc shots to 3 pounds per minute
- Many reservoir options from 1 quart to 55 gallon drum feed
- Easy slide ratio adjustment
- Ratios from 1:1 to 16:1

Product Options

For protecting extremely moisture-sensitive materials.
For moisture-sensitive materials.
For controlled dispense of your mixed product.
For measuring exact shot size.
Removes dissolved gas and entrapped air from materials for bubble-free parts.
Dispense directly out of 55s or totes!
For heating materials to improve flow rate and material reactivity
For heating materials in-reservoir.
For uniformly spraying your material onto any surface.
For dispensing materials in circles from 24mm to 155mm in diameter.
For dispensing epoxy onto your large wet lay-ups.
For mixing two-part materials.

Product Media

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